Update February 11th 2012: And it’s fixed! For longer than I can remember I’ve had a problem with the site where no one could post any comments. I’m happy to say that is fixed. Unfortunately in that process a lot of the comments that had been posted were lost, but besides that I think we are back in business. Over the last few months I’ve realized that a lot of the code I’ve wrote about I have modified, found a newer version, or have completely rebuilt. So I am going to be doing tons of updates, along with a back log of things I was waiting to post until the site was working again. So stay tuned!!

My name is Kevin Rogers and I’m a Senior Implementation Specialist for Keystone Solutions. I joined Keystone in April of 2011. Previously I was the Senior Web Analyst for a Dominion Enterprises.

What I enjoy doing the most is trying to come up with new ways to capture information with Omniture SiteCatalyst. Everything from a standard implementation of the tool, server side implementations, custom plug-ins to make data collection easier, and leveraging different API’s to record data from a number of different sources. I have implemented SiteCatalyst on over 200 different sites to date, and have learned many tips and tricks to make the implementation a little easier.

I’ve always considered the text book definition of Web Analytics as ‘the science of analyzing visitor behavior in order to improve the web site for the purpose of increasing conversion’ and would have to agree with that. By learning how your visitors interact with your site you can make all the necessary changes to improve their experience. A happy visitor means a repeat visitor which means additional conversions which means more revenue. A pretty simple formula if you ask me.

I’m happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding capturing data, so don’t hesitate to contact me here or for an even quicker response you can find me on Twitter.