SiteCatalyst Implementation Optimization - Tips and Tricks

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How to Setup contextData Variables in SiteCatalyst 15

Today I show you how to setup and use contextData variables with processing rules in SiteCatalyst 15.

Processing Rules in SiteCatalyst 15

Here is a quick look at what can be done with and how to set up processing rules in SiteCatalyst 15.

How To Capture A Query String Parameter From A Referring URL In SiteCatalyst

Recently someone had asked the question, how do I capture a query string parameter that’s on referring URL? We all know how to grab a query string parameter from the current page URL by using the getQueryParam SiteCatalyst plug-in, but most people don’t know that plug-in can be used to get a query string parameter […]

SiteCatalyst 15 UI Updates

At the Omniture Summit earlier this month, SiteCatalyst 15 was announced. There has been a lot said about the new tools it will offer but not much about the overall UI appearance update. Here is a quick look showing some of the changes you will see in the UI of SiteCatalyst 15.

Scatter Plot Graph Or Bubble Graph Use in SiteCatalyst

Recently someone asked me when was the best time to use the Scatter Plot graph type and the Bubble graph type in SiteCatalyst reports.

Video Introduction To SiteCatalyst Target Reports

The SiteCatalyst Target report is one of my favorite reports that I don’t see used enough. THis video gives you a brief introduction to the report, and walks you through setting one up, and how to view the results.

Bounce Rate Funnels – Action Depth SiteCatalyst Plug-In

Bounce Rates. For those of you who are unaware of what they are, bounce rate is essentially the percentage of single page visits, divided by your total visits. This metric can be pretty useful to figure out what pages of your site that your visitors enter on and decide not to venture any deeper […]

How To Stop Google Preview From Being Counted In SiteCatalyst – Updated

UPDATE: I have a much better way to block the Google Web Preview bot from being tracked as a visitor in SiteCatalyst. The original solution I had posted here, required a block of code to be placed at the very top of the s_code file, and your account ID was put into a function call. […]

Pro Tip: Keep a Solution Design Document For Your SiteCatalyst Implementation

A Solution Design Document is a complete blueprint of your web analytics implementation. It outlines where every variable is set and why. It can really be a lifesaver. You should start keeping a solution design document as soon as you begin your implementation. Every time you add a prop, an evar, an event or any […]