SiteCatalyst Implementation Optimization - Tips and Tricks

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Track HBX Style Links in SiteCatalyst

I hear from a lot of people migrating from HBX to SiteCatalyst who are looking for ways to make that process a little easier. One of the hurdles I see is trying to migrate all of their HBX link tracking that is already in place to a format that SiteCatalyst can easily understand. That is […]

Implement Adobe SiteCatalyst in 5 Minutes (or less!)

One of the biggest things I always hear from people considering moving to Adobe SiteCatalyst is the fear of a difficult implementation. It feels to me that most people think they need to implement everything at once, and that is not so. You can just take baby steps and implement small sections at a time. […]

Google Indexes Omniture SiteCatalyst Tracking codes

Tracking codes are an important part of Web Analytics. They are used by every single analytics tool. I recently came across a problem with how Google handles these tracking codes.
Here is what I have set up. We run the site RV Trader. The site lives at We also own the domain, which we […]

4 Cool Features of Omniture SiteCatalyst 14.7

Today Omniture released the 14.7 version of their analytics platform SiteCatalyst. While most of the excitement will be over the new Dashboard functionality, here are a 4 other new items that I really like.
Trend by day of week
The ability to trend by day of week is a really nice addition. When looking at a […]

Getting Started With the Omniture PHP Measurement Library

The Omniture PHP Measurement Library lets you use PHP to record your visitor’s activity on your Web site. At first glance it can look a little intimidating, but it really is not that complicated. Once you have it implemented, all that you will see in the source code of your pages is the image request […]

Track Hash Query Parameters in Omniture SiteCatalyst

Do you have a site that uses a hash symbol in the URL with query parameters and you want a way to track them in SiteCatalyst? Well you have come to the right place.
What am I talking about? Lets say you have a URL that looks like this:
and you want to capture the value […]

Don’t Forget Your SiteCatalyst Utility Functions!

Have you ever tried to use a new plug-in and found it did not work? You were probably missing a utility function. Utility functions are designed to work with SiteCatalyst plug-ins. There are 6 utility functions that are commonly used. They are apl, p_c, p_gh, split, replace, and join.
These functions do things like join elements […]

Optimize the Time Parting Plugin to get More Detail and Use Less Variables

The Time Parting Plug-in is one of the more popular SiteCatalyst plug-ins available. A standard implementation of the Time Parting plug-in will consume 3 variables. One for Time of Day, one for the Day of Week, and one for Weekday/Weekend. How can we improve this to get more information, and more importantly use less variables? […]

Additional Methods To Measure Interaction Using The Get Time To Complete Plug-In

Recently there was a great article on the Omniture Blog all about Capturing Time Spent on . . . well, just about anything. It’s a great post and definitely worth checking out. After reading it I was wondering if there was another way to do it? Of course there is! I present the Time To […]