4 Cool Features of Omniture SiteCatalyst 14.7

Today Omniture released the 14.7 version of their analytics platform SiteCatalyst. While most of the excitement will be over the new Dashboard functionality, here are a 4 other new items that I really like.

Trend by day of week
The ability to trend by day of week is a really nice addition. When looking at a report if you trend it over time you will see in the report option’s section a drop down to choose a day. You now have a very easy way to monitor your conversions and custom traffic metrics by any day of the week.
Day of Week

New User Welcome Email
When setting up a new user you now have the ability to send them a welcome email. This email can include things like their login information, and who to contact in your organization for support. I have found this to be extremely useful.
Welcome Email

New User Default Dashboards
While you are still setting up that new user, you now have the option to set them up with a default dashboard. If your organization already has one created that you would like everyone to use, you can set their account up with it right when you create their login.
Default Dashboards

Transfer User Settings
When someone leaves your organization and they have a lot of dashboards and scheduled reports, if you want to keep these items meant having to keep their account around as well. Not anymore. Now you will notice another option to the main user list screen, the ability to Transfer.
Now before deleting a user account you can transfer all of their dashboards and scheduled reports to another user.

Other features of the 14.7 release include Percentage Graphs in report tables, alerts on classifications, and the ability to duplicate report suite settings. Oh yeah, and those sexy new dashboards.

;) Enjoy!

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