SiteCatalyst’s New Marketing Channel Manager – First Look

As many of you may have noticed, there is a new menu available in the SiteCatalyst Admin Console. It was released with the 9/16 maintenance release. It is currently in a closed beta and should go live before the next maintenance release. Have not seen it yet? Well if you have admin access here is what to do. In the Admin Console select Report Suites. In the Report Suite Manager, select any one of your sites and then mouse-over the Edit Settings link. Now you should see something similar to this:
SiteCatalyst Marketing Channels
Here we see a new menu item called Marketing Channels with 5 more menus beyond that, Marketing Channel Manager, Marketing Channel Rules, Marketing Channel Costs, Marketing Channel Classifications, and Visitor Engagement Expiration.

OK so what is it? Well no one at Omniture will say yet, but by the look of the menus it appears to be some form of the Unified Sources Vista Rule and the Channel Manager plug-in. Lets hope it is. That is an extremely popular and powerful Vista rule (and expensive), and the plug-in is extremely heavy in weight, and is challenging to maintain. So if this is that added functionality then prepared to get a lot of great value from this new addition.

UPDATE: From what I hear this is supposed to go into public beta in November 2009, and be released Q2 2010. Anyone attending the Omniture Summit in early 2010 will probably hear much more about it then.

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