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Thats right, I’m giving away a hard copy of the book Web Analytics Demystified for free!

Web Analytics Demystified Book

“Web Analytics Demystified: A Marketers Guide to Understanding How Your Web Site Affects Your Business is about the field of Web traffic data and how it can be leveraged to improve one’s Web site. It is a book about making data actionable, about turning information into insight…

Focusing on the data, the tools, and the metrics that are common to nearly every analytics package available today, regardless of price, performance or popularity, Web Analytics Demystified will help you understand which reports you need to be looking at to run your online business successfully. With a focus on key performance indicators (KPIs), broken down by those best suited for each major business model, this book is truly about making your analytics program work for you!

Written by someone who has worked in the field for years, Web Analytics Demystified is as complete a guide to the field of Web Analytics (traffic analysis, log file analysis) as exists today. The author stands on the shoulders of giants like Jim Sterne, Bryan Eisenberg, Jim Novo and Hurol Inan, expanding on each gentleman’s ideas on the subject.”

This giveaway is not a PDF or any type of digital copy, but an actual physical book. For those who would prefer a digital copy, you can check out the Free Book Offer from Web Analytics Demystified.

If you always wanted to get a hard copy of this book, here’s your chance to get one for free. That’s right, completely free with absolutely no catch at all. I’m not asking you to tweet anything, I’m not asking you to follow me on any social media site, I’m not asking you to sign up for anything. I am doing this simply because I like to help others and want to give back to the digital analytics community that I am proud to be a member of.

And after this there will be more digital analytics book giveaways to follow!

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Custom Link Tracking in Omniture using jQuery

One of the most common things I get asked to track are specific links on the website. Typically to do that I would use a custom link tracking function. This typically involves adding a large chunk of JavaScript code to each link, or adding a function to your s_code file and then calling that function using an onClick function added directly to the link. That methodology works fine, and I’ve been doing it forever. But that means working with IT to add more code to your pages, something I want to try to avoid as much as possible. So how can we make the implementation of our link tracking quicker and use less code? If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re going to use some jQuery.

For more information how to do this, please read the full article Custom Link Tracking in Omniture using jQuery.

For more information on website optimization solutions, please visit Keystone Solutions.

SiteCatalyst 15 UI Updates

At the Omniture Summit earlier this month, SiteCatalyst 15 was announced. There has been a lot said about the new tools it will offer but not much about the overall UI appearance update. Here is a quick look showing some of the changes you will see in the UI of SiteCatalyst 15.


Video Introduction To SiteCatalyst Target Reports

The SiteCatalyst Target report is one of my favorite reports that I don’t see used enough. THis video gives you a brief introduction to the report, and walks you through setting one up, and how to view the results.


Pro Tip: Keep a Solution Design Document For Your SiteCatalyst Implementation

A Solution Design Document is a complete blueprint of your web analytics implementation. It outlines where every variable is set and why. It can really be a lifesaver. You should start keeping a solution design document as soon as you begin your implementation. Every time you add a prop, an evar, an event or any other variable, make sure you add it in there. Every time you make a change to your implementation, make note of it in there. It’s an easy place to go to see what variables are being used for what where they are being set and which ones are still available.

“But do I really need to keep track of everything to that level of detail, just checking the Admin console has been working well for us.” Well have you ever opened a report and find information there that shouldn’t be there?
Bad Report
How did that get in there? It’s being set somewhere in our implementation, but where? What page sets that variable? What function could set it? A quick check of our solution design document and we can see every place were that particular prop is set, well where they should be set. If one of your developers decided to get the implementation and set a variable in a non traditional way, it can be a real nightmare trying to figure out what was done. Without that you could waste a lot of time hunting through code searching for where a random variable is being set.

Here is an example spreadsheet that you can use as a basis to start your Solution Design Document:
Sample Solution Design Document

If you have a large team that all have their hands in your web analytics implementation, it may be beneficial to could place the solution design document in a location where the different members of your team can have access and add to it, like for example Google Docs or some other shared folder or public drive.