SiteCatalyst Plug-ins

Here is a collection of Omniture SiteCatalyst plug-ins that I have found to be pretty useful. The documentation should be pretty straight forward. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Remember, make sure you fully test them in your development environment before using them on a live site.

apl (Append List)

Append values to a list.

Read and Write Combined Cookies

These plug-ins reduces the number of cookies that SiteCatalyst will set.

detectRIA (Rich Internet Applications)

Detect the versions of Flash and Silverlight installed in visitors browsers.


Captures the value of a variable and passes it into another variable on every page view.


Sets the Cart Open event on the first instance of the Cart Add event being set.


Capture the number of days since the user last visited your site.


Capture folder name values from the URL.


Captures if a user on your site is a new visitor or a repeat visitor.


Captures the value from the previous page and records it on the current page.


Capture values (eg. tracking codes) from the query string of your page URLs.


Records time segments based on the hour of day, day of the week or weekend/weekday.


Ensures that designated variables are populated with a given value only once per specified time period.


Returns the total number of visits that the user has made to your site.


Used to determine first page of a visit.


Resets the effects of the getCartOpen plug-in.